Bathroom and Shower Floor Mosaic Tiles

Bathroom and Shower Floor Mosaic Tiles

Want to transform the look and feel of the bathroom? If yes, then you have reached the right place. In this blog post, we will tell you how mosaic tiles can bring elegance and turn your bathroom into a favorite place to spend time.

You can either paint your bathroom with a single paint or generic tiles like most of the people or install the mosaic tiles and make it unique and eye-appealing like the few exclusive ones.

What is mosaic, and why is it perfect for the bathroom flooring?

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can be made from the material like porcelain, marble, glass, and many more. They come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and patterns.

When it comes to transforming the bathroom, we have to give more importance to the shower area because it is one of the toughest areas to keep clean, shiny, and hygienic. Shower mosaic tiles are water-resistant and will give a shower area a more sleek look and modern feel.

The mosaic tiles are gorgeous and don't require high maintenance.

Now understand why mosaic tiles are suitable for the bathroom. Want to know the best ones in the collection? Then keep reading.

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

First, hexagon tile patterns present clean lines. Commonly used in bathrooms or as hexagon tile backsplashes, the 6-sided tile offers a classic look. If you need flooring which adds incomparable style in your home, without any second thought, go for hexagon tile. Tile is always an excellent choice for your shower and tub because of its waterproof and easy to clean.

We assure you that when you use hexagon tile, you will personally love this pattern and color finish. There's no rule in bathroom design; you can use different colors of hexagon tiles in the bathroom to create a gorgeous environment.  Beyond, bathroom mosaic tiles for flooring and wall, there's so much you can do with hexagon tiles, the only limit is imagination.

Santorini Marble Mosaic Tile

Santorini Marble Mosaic Tile

Santorini marble-look tiles in any shape and structure will consistently stay a work of art. They make one of those looks that mix amazingly with any inside and add a specific appeal to a room. Now the timeless look is accessible in a Geometric shape. Add a pinch of character to your home with the marble-look. Santorini tile looks sensational when creating a feature when it is in the bathroom backsplash.

By installing different colored, patterned, or size tile, it will update your bathroom look effortlessly.  If you are redesigning your bathroom but unsure how to decorate your wall or floor, you will be pleased to know that Santorini tile is the right solution for you. It adds an aesthetic look in your bathroom.

Brick Glass Mosaic Tiles

Brick Glass Mosaic Tiles

Gone are the days of plain tiles, to renovate walls of the bathroom, it is advisable to implement brick glass mosaic tiles. These mosaics are one of the most popular bathroom wall mosaics. It is popular due to its brick structure and exotic hues. You just fall in love with them before you realize!

There are lots of benefits of using brick glass tiles in your bathroom. They quickly cover the areas and are easy to clean due to its smooth surface and prevent you from slipping due to its anti-spilling feature. These tiles bring beauty into your space.

Other types

Other types of mosaic tiles

There was a time when customers would have only few options for the mosaics when they needed to remodel their home. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing technology now mosaics are available in variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials that we would have never thought of in the old days. We have over 70 different bathroom and shower tiles, each with a color selection of its own to help you build your dream home. Have a look at our bathroom and shower mosaics collection if you want to check all of them out!

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on the bathroom and shower mosaics for flooring help you a lot. With above-mentioned tiles, your bathroom will look elegant and more enchanting.

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