Fish Scale Tiles Installation Ideas

Fish Scale Tiles Installation Ideas -

Fish Scale Tiles Installation Ideas

Fish scale tiles are eye-appealing and the best choice for the wall and floor. They look astonishing and give a pretty look at any space. If you are looking for the tiles that give a unique feel to your room, then fish scale tile is the perfect option.

With the new year comes, homeowners look to search out the decorating new ideas. We are here to help you to create a fresh and warmer feel to your property. Throughout this blog, we will tell you how you can use these beautiful tiles.


Fish Scale Tiles for Bathroom

One place in the home where fish scale tile perfectly suits is the bathroom. Be it for use as an art deco style flooring or the use of walls; there are many ways available you can use these tiles efficiently. Due to its glossy finish, they are stain-resistant, easy to clean and reflect lights. They make stunning backsplashes in the bathroom and also function well when installed on the floor.

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For Kitchen

This unique tile shape dates back to the 8th century, but still the popular choice because it can offer a youthful and modern statement to any room. This classic design is always in popularity. They can be installed in a variety of patterns to give an engaging look to the kitchen. The prime use of this tile in the kitchen is a backsplash, here you improve not only the visuality, but also its functionality.

Top Fish Scale Tiles Installation Ideas for Bathroom:

Shower Splash

Seashell tiles are timeless. They are one of the most versatile tiles that can work with any bathroom design. They can incorporate on the shower wall and make a huge impact because of glass scaled Shape. They look fabulous if you install on the shower backsplash only. These tiles offer a smooth and seamless look to your shower.

Sink Splash

These tiles have been a popular option for wall protection from the sink water splash. They are easy to clean, elegant, and add aqua themes in your bathroom. They look fabulous if you install on the sink backsplash only.

Master Bath

Colourful fish tiles can create a grander master bathroom with an aqua vibe. You can install these tiles on the backside of the oversized bathtub. A fish tile in the modern bathroom is enlivened. The S-shaped fish tiles work beautifully with the thoughtfully master bathroom.

Double Shower Niche

The shower is the place of peace and purity, as well as surprisingly beauty. Seashell glass mosaic tiles are just a few options to add spa-like appeal in the bathroom. Help your double shower niche by utilizing fish scale tiles for the bathroom.


Need to renovate your space? Take the beach vibes to the next level by installing fish scale tiles for the wall and floor. You can make your interior stand out with these tiles.

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