Kitchen Backsplash tile ideas 2021

Backsplash tile ideas 2021 -

Kitchen Backsplash tile ideas 2021

Gone are the days of old fashioned, usual kitchen backsplash metro tiles. Everyone used to have the same boring walls in their kitchen, but it’s not like that anymore. If you are looking for a little more pop, the new kitchen backsplash mosaic tiles are in trend for 2021. Backsplash mosaic tiles have become a statement for interior stylists. No wonder they’re in our best sellers recently.

Backsplash tiles

So, if you are planning to give your home a nice, beautiful makeover for 2021 then adding the mosaic kitchen backsplash tiles in your list is a must!

Let’s have a look at what’s steaming hot for 2021:

1. Hexagonal Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

Hexagonal Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

Hexagonal backsplash tiles are like metro tiles for the modern era. Hexagons or honey comb shapes are too common in architecture, but for 2021 it seems to be entering in our kitchens too. World’s leading designers are using hexagonal tiles nowadays for kitchen backsplashes mosaic and with right eye for design and colors, they can dramatically improve how your kitchen appear.

2. Brick Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

Brick Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

Brick mosaic tiles for backsplash are quite like metro tiles but with a savory dose of randomness. It has rectangular blocks in random sort of arrangement but in nearly similar sizes and in different colors. This doesn’t only give your kitchen a pinch of playfulness but also make your kitchen backsplash look 4x cool!

3. Glass Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Glass Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Glass is class! Kitchen backsplash tiles made in glass looks ravishing and have been dramatically popular recently. Just like the metal backsplash tiles, they’re not for everyone. They are made only for some special ones and they are as easy to clean and maintain as beautiful as they look. With top class mesh backing they can adorn your spaces for years. If you have some budget, then glass mosaic kitchen backsplash tiles are worth a look for 2021.

4. Marble Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

Marble Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

While plain marble is timeless for your kitchen walls, marble mosaic tiles can give your kitchen an extra glamor with a touch of luxury. Marble mosaic backsplash tiles are available in plenty of shapes and they fuse the beauty of marble with unique shapes and patterns. Depending upon the type of furniture, colors and interior that you have in your kitchen, an appropriate choice of marble mosaic backsplash can be your perfect choice.

Trends are bound to keep changing, but your home can’t change every year, right? So it’s wise to have a look at all the available options irrespective of the trends when you are opting in for renovation. If you are seriously considering a remodeling of your space then we’re pretty sure you will find number of cool options for your needs in our collection. We hope this article added a new perspective in your choice of tiles and helped you somewhat in coming to a conclusion. Checkout our tiles collection or get in touch with one of our experts for more clarity on what you should exactly go for. It’s our promise- you won’t regret!

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