Ultimate Guide to Mosaic Marble Tiles

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Ultimate Guide to Mosaic Marble Tiles

All thanks to mosaic marble tiles’ versatility they have been a favorite in the homes recently. They are available in endless designs, patterns, textures and colors. Mosaics have a characteristic; it adds a personality to any space. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or shower area, they are perfect wall and floor covering material.

Want to know how mosaic marble tiles add a beauty in your space? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here's our ultimate guide to mosaic marble tiles for walls and floor that will say everything about its beauty and functionality. So, let's get started.

What is mosaic?

What is mosaic

A mosaic is an artistic technique that uses small sections of porcelain, glass, ceramic, and marble to make a larger tile.

Why choose mosaic marble tiles for flooring?

Compared to other material, mosaic marble tile gives a more luxurious look to your space. It is highly durable, versatile, and eye-appealing. The high gloss appearance of the mosaic marble tiles brings a radiant and rich feel in your home.

Homeowners prefer mosaic marble tiles for its soothing colors, exciting finish and attention catching attributes.

If you are thinking of removing and disposing of the existing floor, then you should choose a marble mosaic tile. It makes your floor flat, durable, and bear heavy foot traffic. The application of mosaic marble tiles is not limited to the floor; you can install it on the walls or even in the outdoor area. It would be great if you install mosaic marble tiles over the cement board underlayment, which resists moisture damage.

The Trendiest Mosaic Marble Tiles Patterns:

  1. Santorini Vine Wooden 1X1 Marble Mosaic Tile

Santorini Vine Wooden 1X1 Marble Mosaic Tile

Update your home with Santorini Vine Wooden marble mosaic tile. It is fascinating, elegant and can bear the load of foot traffic. The color of this tile is slightly darker than the regular white marble, but its pattern adds a wow factor in your space.


  1. Santorini 4" X4" Marble Mosaic Tile

Santorini 4X4 Marble Mosaic Tile

Want to add a dimensional geometric design that adds a distinguished charm to your floor and walls? If yes, then Santorini 4" X4" marble mosaic tile is the perfect tiling option for you. The illusion of hexagon surrounded by the double-layered lines adds depth and elegance to your home.


    3. Santorini Grande Hex Marble Mosaic Tile

Santorini Grande Hex Marble Mosaic Tile

Kick out your traditional tile, and enhance the look of the space with Santorini Grande Hex Marble Mosaic Tile. The bold and luxurious appearance of this tile creates a timeless presence in your kitchen and bathroom. This sharp marble mosaic tile doesn’t just look unique but is mesh-mounted which means it will hold your walls very firmly and last forever. It’s perfect for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.


  1. Santorini 1"X1" Marble Mosaic Tile

Santorini 1X1 Marble Mosaic Tile

Make your space look welcoming by installing Santorini 1" X1" marble mosaic tile. It is timeless, eye-appealing and creates a noteworthy presence in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas. It’s suitable for walls and floor and has smaller hexagonal mosaics to give your space a finer appearance.

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