5 Steps for a Luxurious Bathroom Renovation

5 Steps for a Luxurious Bathroom Renovation

Luxury Bathrooms are not only amazing to look at and to enjoy but when renovated properly they can increase the worth of a home as well - consider that gorgeous free standing tub you have been eyeing or that gorgeous piece of artwork an investment. We have come together with 5 steps for those of you who are anxious to take a dive on the luxurious side of things. 

First, a free standing tub is honestly a must have item. This style tub was popular back in the start of the last century and has been making a comeback and we are all for it!

Secondly, we would highly recommend using hues of gold, white or black throughout your bathroom. These colors often remind me of royalty and luxury and would be great for any bathroom looking to get a face lift. Consider using golden calacatta tile for the bathroom walls and floors or a black subway tile with gold metal trim. 

We can help you out with our third tip - using marble mosaics for flooring as well as in the shower. We have a wide range of gorgeous to die for mosaics!! We have several different shapes, sizes, textures and colors to choose from as well as marble mosaics that can be used on the floor as well. Our marble is high quality and is going to bring your bathroom to another level of luxury without a doubt. 

Fourth Tip- Invest in a high tech mirror. There is a wide range of high tech mirrors on the market ranging from ones that just light up well with LED lighting to those that can scan your face and tell you about your skin. Regardless of which one you choose - it will add a level of luxury that you are looking for.

Fifth Tip- Go for the double sink vanity for sure! This is a definite must if you have the space for it in your bathroom. Why settle for one sink when you can have two? In addition, it allows for more storage underneath the sinks and allows for more room for those sharing a bathroom. 

We hope these tips have inspired you to build the luxurious bathroom of your dreams! Don't forget to check out our amazing, luxurious line of marble for your shower and floor. 

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