5 Ways to Use Subway Tiles for Bathrooms

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5 Ways to Use Subway Tiles for Bathrooms

Subway tiles are a classic for a reason. They’re simple, neutral, and bright. You may not have realized that they’re also versatile tiles for home and can be used in different ways to achieve certain design aesthetics. While subway tiles can be used anywhere on walls, here’s five ways to use subway tiles for bathrooms.

Subway Tile Half Wall 

Subway tiles are great home tiles for bathrooms. They’re easy to incorporate in any design and also affordable enough to make a statement partial wall in your bathroom. Use either flat or beveled subway tiles to make a waterproof half-wall moment suitable for any powder room or full bath. Finish off the top with a thin piece of matching tile called a pencil. Then either paint the top part of the wall or apply wallpaper.  


5 Ways to Use Subway Tiles for Bathrooms


Shower Walls

Subway tiles for bathrooms can also be used on shower walls or in niches. Create a beautiful blank slate to use with a patterned floor tile or porcelain mosaic on the shower pan. Just be sure not to use subway tiles as floor tiles--they are typically made of ceramic and are not durable enough for foot traffic!


Although backsplash is typically reserved for kitchens, consider adding some tile behind your bathroom sink or vanity. This will protect the wall from splash and splatter while also inviting a new design element. Create a dramatic backsplash by bringing the subway tile all the way to the ceiling. Keep things simple by tiling the area between the sink and mirrors.

Chevron/Herringbone Pattern

While beveled subway tile for backsplash is usually found in 3”x6” size, you can also find them in bigger sizes that can be used in herringbone and chevron patterns. Keep things light and airy while adding a cool pattern on your shower walls, backsplash, or even as a statement wall. 


5 Ways to Use Subway Tiles for Bathrooms


High-Contrast Grout

One of the easiest ways to add a twist to these timeless subway tiles is to use a dark grout to add contrast. While white grout can help subway tiles blend in, dark grey or black grout can help them pop and add a fun graphic element to your design. This is an easy way to keep the layout and size simple while still incorporating subway tiles for bathroom designs.

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