How to make subway tiles look more classic?

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How to make subway tiles look more classic?

Subway tiles have been the primary choice for almost everyone. Although the subway tile patterns get monotonous, you can shake up the regular subway tile patterns for more fun looks.

Subway tiles have an aesthetic look. They remain in trend always because of their subtle outcome. Subway tiles can be made more classic such as glass subway tile & ceramic subway tile by opting for various styles.

What are the subway tiles?

Subway tiles are the basic tiles that were first used at train stations in New York. However, people loved the trend and were inspired to use them in homes, adding it to kitchens or washrooms.  

Subway tiles are available today in different sizes and styles. For more than 100 years, subway tiles have been a choice for many people.

7 styles to make subway tiles more classic

  1. Color blocking

Color blocking is the easiest and best way of enhancing the looks of classic subway tiles. You can add a single or more lines of contrasting color subway tiles in between. For example, color blocking of grey and white never goes out of style and gives the regular subway tiles a classic look.

 Color blocking subway tile

  1. Add borders

Subway tiles today come in various styles, designs, and colours. The variety is very beneficial for the customer. A little contrasting border of a different design would pop-up the look of your kitchen or washroom. You can add a contrasting color, a printed pattern border on plain subway tiles, or a specific graphic style.

  1. Try different patterns

Another splendid way of making your regular subway tiles look fresher is to mix and collaborate with two or more different styles of tiles. You can choose tiles of different patterns or use the same tiles in different directions. Either style will give a boost to the décor.

 Twelwe different way to lay subway tile

  1. The ladder styles

The step ladder is a common way of using subway tiles. No matter how common it is, it still gives a better look than regular tiles. Stepping stone style makes a great statement for bathroom tiles. You can create this look specifically in the shower area as it gives an amazing look.

  1. Geometric Patterns

The minimal subway tiles have an awesome benefit over other tiles. This benefit is that they can be used in different ways to create different geometric patterns. Geometric patterns of contrasting colors add boldness while maintaining the classic looks. You can opt for a geometric pattern at a particular part of your house.

  1. Herringbone pattern

We don’t know if you have heard of this pattern or not, but the herringbone pattern is one of our favorite ways to add an ounce to the regular subway tiles. The tiles are placed diagonally to create a cool design. Your wall’s look pops up immediately. Also, it is an evergreen trend, so you don’t have to think twice before opting for this one.

 Herringbone pattern subway tiles

  1. Let the surroundings do the talking

One quintessential way of making your subway tiles more classic is to design the surroundings. The tiles themselves might not add the ounce you’ve been looking for. To make the tiles stand-out, you need to play well with the surroundings as well. For example, you should ensure your kitchen’s woodwork compliments the tile pattern.

Final Takeaway

If you are planning on using subway tiles, don’t think twice! The trend of these tiles is here to stay for another hundred years. You can always add some pop to the aesthetic tiles to make your house look trendier. Rock the glass subway tile and ceramic subway tile look with these tips.

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