Learn About Mosaic Tile for Flooring

Learn About Mosaic Tile for Flooring

Gone are the days when floors were just about bearing the heavy foot traffic. And the time has come to bust the myth that mosaic tiles only come in old designs and textures. Thanks to the technology, now mosaic tiles are available in an extensive range of designs, shapes, colors and most importantly can be installed easily with mesh backing technique.

So, whether you are remodeling your home or building from the ground up, mosaic tiles can transform the flooring look into a rejuvenating retreat.

What is the mosaic tile?

Mosaic basically means a pattern or design made by arranging together some small pieces.

A mosaic tile is a piece of tile made by arranging the small pieces of different architectural material together. This material can be glass, marble, porcelain, metal or any other architectural material.

Mosaic tile defines durability, versatility and above all a mesmerizing look. It comes in the most soothing texture that gives a calm personality to your bathroom or any other space. Mosaic tile for flooring is the best for someone who wants unique aesthetics in their space.

What makes mosaic tiles popular?

Compared to other regular tiles, mosaics are stronger, water-resistant, can bear the load of foot traffic, and are available at affordable rates. When people talk about mosaic tiles, they usually think about limited options, mostly, ancient looks. However, it’s all not the same in today’s times. Thanks to modern technology, it is available in a plethora of options, some of them are mentioned below

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles:

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

Want some geometry on the floor? If yes, then hexagonal mosaic tiles can be the perfect tiling option for you. With so many colors and textures, these tiles can make your ambience eye-appealing. You can even install hexagonal mosaics tiles on the bathroom walls to prevent it from water.

Basket Weave:

Basket Weave

Another tiling that is extremely versatile in nature and sophisticated in look is basket weave tile. The beauty of this tile is its pattern. If you want to pop your floor and wall with the best tile, then choose basket weave. It is classic in look and available in both modern and traditional designs.

Square Grid:

Square Grid

A square grid is not a regular tile; it is highly coated, inspired by square shape, and usually available in most popular colors, like white, gray, brown etc. If your wall is coated with white or grey paint, you need the flooring which reflects the calm vibe; then square grid tile is a must-have.



Mosaic tiles are also available in many other shapes and sizes. These are just the most common ones. To see the other types, don’t forget to visit our mosaic tiles collection.

Now that you know about designs and patterns of mosaic tiles, let’s explore the materials they are available in. 

Mosaic porcelain:

Mosaic porcelain

Mosaic porcelain is the most popular flooring material. It is harder, denser, and less porous, which makes it impervious to water. It is perfectly suitable for walls and floors. We have an extensive range of mosaic porcelain tiles that you can browse through our tiles collection.

Mosaic Marble:

Mosaic Marble

The polished and durable mosaic marble tiles are constructed with high-grade material and available in various designs, patterns, and textures. Based on your styling preferences you can choose the one that goes well with your interior. Our pool of mosaic marble has a nice decorative look for any space.

Mosaic Glass:

Mosaic Glass

Glass mosaic combines the flexibility of mosaic along with the natural beauty of glass. We have an extensive glass mosaic collection whether you are looking for a modern look or a more classic one. Glass mosaic tiles are the best option for backsplashes specially.

Mosaic tiles add liveliness and sense of individuality to your bathroom floor and walls. The tiles you will see in our collection are a vibrant, timeless design, zesty pattern, available at the best rates and give you a distinct feeling with grace. Need expert consultation or a sample piece before you can order more? Don’t hesitate, get in touch now.

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