Marble Mosaic Tile Installation Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash & Shower

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Marble Mosaic Tile Installation Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash & Shower

Marble mosaic tile has been prized for decades and continues to be one of the most desirable and popular flooring material choices. It is a type of material that can easily grace the wall and floor. This timeless natural stone gives a visual pop to any space it is used in. Are you on a home improvement project and want to give an aesthetic and unique space? If yes, then choose a marble mosaic tile. It brings an exceptional finish in your space.

What are the marble mosaic tiles?

Marble mosaic tiles are natural stones that come in the sheet and can be used in various ways. These tiles are available in several designs, texture, and colors. If you want to add a unique look and finish in your space, then marble mosaic tile is the perfect tiling material for you.

When it comes to marble mosaic tiles, designing becomes limitless. They come in different design types, art work, color, and sizes that truly make them a royal tiling material.

Now, let us show you our favorite types of the marble mosaic tiles that you can use to innovate your home!

Braided & Traditional Marble Mosaic Tiles:

Braided & Traditional Marble Mosaic Tiles

Our Santorini Vine, Santorini Braid, Santorini Arabesque etc are examples of the braided mosaic tiles. Braided mosaic tiles are best suitable for walls be it your kitchen, bathroom or any area of your home. While traditional marble mosaics are best for the spaces which are meant for the decorative purposes in your home.

Geometric Marble Mosaic Tiles:

Geometric Marble Mosaic Tiles
Our Santorini Grand Hex, Santorini Hex, Santorini Octagon, Santorini Diamante etc. are examples of the geometric marble mosaic tiles. These tiles can be used in flooring, walls, backsplashes and all the spaces. Geometric patterns are timeless, and they are never out of trend. If you want your home to look modern and timeless at the same time, these tiles are your go to.

Basketweave Marble Mosaic Tiles:

Basketweave Marble Mosaic Tiles

Our Santorini basketweave marble mosaic tiles are perfect for larger areas that need to be covered flawlessly as if they are interwoven. It will give your space a coherent look throughout.

Hexagonal Marble Mosaic Tiles:

Hexagonal Marble Mosaic Tiles
Just like geometric marble mosaic tiles, hexagonal mosaics are also always in trend. Inspired from the beehive structure in nature, hexagonal mosaic tiles give a modern aesthetics to your area. However, changing the size of hexagons can dramatically change the appearance of your room. Santorini collection’s Roman Hex and Hex tiles are examples of this type.

Brick Marble Mosaic Tiles:

Brick Marble Mosaic Tiles

To give your room a more traditional look, you can use brick marble mosaic tiles. These tiles are more suitable for open areas and public spaces where aesthetics are secondary to cleanliness and affordability. These patterns are often cheaper and also among the most widely used shapes of marble mosaic tiles!

Uses for Mosaic tiles

Walls: It is one of the most popular applications of mosaic tiles in home decor. You can use the different shades of marble mosaic tiles for kitchen walls to create a unique theme

Floor: Another well-known use of mosaic tile is flooring. This kind of material is capable of bearing load without sustaining any damage. You can install these tiles on the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Furniture: A fun way to use a mosaic tile is renovating furniture with mosaic tiles. By putting mosaic tiles together in the shape of furniture like a table, chair, sofa, you can create unique yet versatile art. 

Marble Mosaic Tile Installation Idea:

There are so many ways to install this tile, but mesh backing is commonly used. It is a wire net to which the tiles on the mosaic sheet are attached. This technique gives extra adhesive grip and enables mosaic tiles to be cut in the desired shape.

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on marble mosaic tiles helps you a lot. To explore the beautiful and eye-appealing tiles collection, visit our site

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