New Trends in Design and Ideas for Mosaic Tiles in 2021

2021 mosaic tiles trend -

New Trends in Design and Ideas for Mosaic Tiles in 2021

Mosaic tiles have always been an integral part of home design for centuries if not for millennia. Whether your space is designed for a modern outlook or it is for the antique aesthetics, choosing the right mosaic tiles for walls, floors etc can make a huge difference in the way your house looks & feels. From plain colors to the textured mosaic tiles, a wide variety of flooring is available in the market nowadays but, if you’re looking forward to getting your space renovated in 2021, you shouldn’t miss the latest trends.

Mosaic tiles can be used on the floor, on the walls, in the bathroom, in the toilets, on the backsplash area and everywhere you can imagine. You just have to choose the right ones!

These are the hot trends in the mosaic tiles for wall, floor, bathroom etc that you should know before choosing your mosaic tiles in 2021

Nature inspired Mosaic Tiles:

If you are looking for something really timeless; whether it’s for your walls, floor, bathroom or anywhere else, nature inspired mosaic tiles can be the best. Mosaic tiles for wall or floor with wooden appearance or floral shapes or simply a color combination adopted from nature can enhance your spaces. Needlessly to say that they come in a variety of patterns, sizes and shapes. Choose the one that represents you.

Nature inspired mosaic tile

Geometric pattern Mosaic Tiles:

Geometric patterns are always in and the same continues in 2020 & 2021. The best thing about geometric patterns is that they can be used to convey minimalism as well as the flamboyance. With geometric mosaic tiles you can give the surface a thicker volume and make the interior look more dynamic and 3D. Even the simplest geometric shapes, for example, bricks, fish scales etc look amazing and it's something that will be still relevant after years!

Geometric pattern mosaic tile

Mimicry Mosaic tiles:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- this famous quote by Oscar Wilde applies to mosaic tiles too. To give your room some extra aesthetics you can go for mimicry mosaic tiles. Mimicry tiles are basically mosaic tiles inspired by different elements used in architecture. If you just look at them they appear as if they’re made of copper or stone or something that it’s not actually made of. They’re polished, roughened and processed in a way that it’s hard to tell what they’re made of without checking the actual tiles.

Mimicry mosaic tile

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles:

The hexagonal shape of beehives is probably the most popular geometric shape in architecture. Hexagonal was fashionable, is fashionable and will always be fashionable. If you are considering the mosaic tiles for the floor, larger hexagonal tiles are absolutely no-brainers. Jigsaw puzzles made of ceramic tiles are also popular nowadays. However, choosing the appropriate color scheme is very essential when it's about hexagonal mosaic tiles.

Hexagon mosaic tile

Traditional Mosaic Tiles:

Go to Arab or go to Italy, go to the UK or go to Singapore… mosaic tiles are everywhere in the world. And with each unique tradition comes a set of typical patterns and shapes which are often available in mosaic tiles. Arabian mosaic tile shape can represent luxury like nothing else! That too is bound to be the best when it’s in the color black, white or gold. If you love a specific country or culture, traditional mosaic tiles are best to show your affinity for it.

Traditional mosaic tile

Glass Mosaic Tiles:

Glass makes everything look beautiful. However, glass is also easy to break. Thanks to modern technology, we now have glass mosaic tiles that look very close to the real glass mosaic but are made of strong acrylic glasses which almost never break. The magic of glass gets increased multi-folds with a variety of patterns. And being easy to install, glass mosaic tiles are often among the best sellers at stores like us!

Glass mosaic tile

Marble Mosaic Tiles:

The last but not at all the least in our list is marble mosaic tiles. Marble is available in a variety of shapes and patterns and depending upon your area of application, you can choose any variety of marble mosaic tiles that you like. Black marble is quite in trend for 2020 and 2021 and mosaic tiles for walls specially look great in black. It gives your decor a level of luxury and sophistication that no other style could!

Marble mosaic tile

So that’s all about mosaic tile trends for 2021. We hope you liked this post and it helped you gain some ideas about your mosaic tiles decor. Please feel free to check out our exclusive collection of mosaic tiles if you’re looking to renovate your space. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!

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