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If you want to enhance the versatility, durability of the bathroom walls or Kitchen backsplash, then the diamond mosaic tile is the perfect option for you. Diamond Tile Overview  A Diamond pattern can wow any visitor. They are eye-catching and add a bold look to the backsplashes. When people think about mosaics, they tend to imagine those vintage designs. Thanks to technology and limitless design inspirations, mosaic tiles are now coming in colorful geometric designs like a diamond. The geometric designs are also seamless, and ideal for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Diamond Tile Backsplash: Santorini Diamante Marble Mosaic tile For Bathroom The backsplash is an inexpensive way to transform the appearance of the bathroom. Santorini Diamante Marble Mosaic tile is specially designed for the bathroom. The elegant and soothing interface of this tile enhances the overall look of the bathroom. An obvious benefit of the diamond tile backsplash is that it adds extra style and decoration to the bathroom. If you have a white cabinet, this tile will go amazingly. For Kitchen The application of Santorini tile is not limited to bathroom backsplash. If you want to protect your kitchen wall from the water, stain, and dust, you can choose this tile. A matte brown and creamy diamond-shaped tile creates a look that is imaginative and upscale. Glass grid mosaic tiles: For Bathroom Designers know how to have fun with the interior when it comes to tile. Just install the glass grid mosaic tiles on the shower backsplash and see its magic. This pattern, when meet with plane marble mosaic tiles visually separate the shower and sink area. For Kitchen Brighten your kitchen backsplash with the Glass grid mosaic tiles. This tile is available in a diamond mosaic pattern. If you are looking for a beautiful mosaic tile, then explore the latest collection of this tile at The Life Tile. Santorini Marble Mosaic Tile For Bathroom Who needs a simple wall in the bathroom when you have Santorini marble mosaic tile. They are super easy to clean, add a modern, and sleek touch in the space. The black lines on the marble mosaic tile bring so much personality in your entire bathroom.  For Kitchen Are you getting frustrated with hard and stain tiles? If yes, then you can cover your backsplashes with Santorini marble mosaic tiles. At one time, kitchen backsplash areas were usually simple continuous whatever material was used on the countertop. For a time now, diamond mosaic tile has been the trendy option for backsplashes. Surfing backsplash tiles for bathroom and kitchen? You may be well wonder if you don’t install mosaic tiles on the backsplash areas of the kitchen and bathroom it will reduce the beauty and functionality of the spaces. So, shop for the tiles that don’t only beautify the look of the space, but also durability. At, the Tile Life we provide you with an extensive range of backsplashes tiles at the best rates.

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