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Glass mosaic bathroom tiles are one way to add some visual interest, texture, and protection from spills and splashes for your home bathroom renovation. Many glass mosaic tiles, like the ones that will be mentioned in this article, are mesh-mounted for easy installation. This means that your home tile DIY project will go a little smoother--and if you’re a pro, your project will go a little faster.  It’s also important to mention that glass mosaics typically cannot be used as floor tiles. They are too fragile for foot traffic. However, if you are looking for a similar style to use as floor tiles for your bathroom, consider marble or porcelain mosaic tiles.      Shower Wall Shower walls are an easy area to add in a fun design element. Consider using glass mosaic tiles to cover one wall from top to bottom as an accent wall. Keeping other tiles neutral will help the glass mosaics shine. Shower Niche Shower niches are another area where glass mosaic tiles can be used to add detail. Even though it’s a small space, they’re just asking for a fun textured mosaic or even a pop of color. Try something with a smaller size, like the 0.63”x0.63” Glass Mosaic in Ocean Blue, to add shine and color to your shower.         Accent Plain Tiles Glass mosaic tiles can be easily cut to be thinner. Use a 4”-6” piece of glass mosaic to break up a wall of otherwise plain tiles. This accent of glass mosaic can break up the monotony and add something to complement the majority of the bathroom design. These are commonly used around the whole room or even just the shower.         Statement Wall Another way that you can use glass mosaic tiles for the bathroom is installing a full wall of tile. Use a neutral mosaic like taupe, grey, or white with a subtle texture to keep the design flexible over time. If you’re feeling bold, use a colorful or shiny tile to add a wow-factor to the space.  Half-Wall Design In another post, we mentioned using subway tiles to create a half-wall design similar to wainscotting. While you can definitely use paint or wallpaper on the top half, you could also use a glass mosaic in a contrasting color.

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