Tips on How to Select and Install Ceramic Subway Tile

Ceramic Subway Tile -

Tips on How to Select and Install Ceramic Subway Tile

Prices for ceramic subway tiles vary from as low as $1 per square inch for low budget field tile to thousands of dollars for handmade artisan subway tile. One square meter contains eight 3" x 6" beveled ceramic subway tile in a pattern. The size and thickness of the tiles in the pattern make up a mosaic.

Where Is Ceramic Subway Tile Made? A lot of subway tiles come from India, with the greatest quantities from the southern part of the country. India also has a large number of craftsmen making other forms of subway tile including handmade artisan tiles. In China there are many tiles and tile craftsmen from Guangdong Province and Yunnan Province.

Where is Ceramic Subway Tile Best Found? You will find a subway tile at the hardware store or home improvement specialty store. However, in some cases tile may be sold as unfinished, and you must choose the type of surface tile you want. You may find that many tiles are available in different patterns and styles and that this may be a good place to begin looking.

Should You Purchase Ceramic Subway Tiles? If you are replacing an old tile flooring or are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, ceramic tile may be a good choice.

What is the Finish on 3" x 6" Ceramic Subway Tile? Since the tiles are made from clay, each tile is unique, but you may notice the finish on some tiles is a smooth shiny or textured surface. You can see the finished tile at room temperature. As a result of the texture, it is sometimes referred to as "furniture stone." When these tiles are exposed to high heat or chemicals, the finish changes.

Is the Color Whiter or Blacker than Other Tile Materials? This is a question that you have to ask yourself before selecting a tile for any room in your home. The tile may be lighter in color than others in the same pattern. It may also be blacker.

Are There Any Problems With the Color of Ceramic Subway Tile? Some tiles may have different coloring when they are installed, and some may not look the same. For example, some subway tiles may have a yellow, red, blue, or green tint to them.

How Do You Match These Mosaic Style Tiles to Your Home Decor? Most people do not like the mosaic effect. In some cases, the tile may look too busy.

Will the Tiles Fit Together? You will need to measure the area you want to tile. When you are finished measuring, you will need to make sure the measurements do not leave any gaps between the tiles.

What Tiles Will Goes Bust Into Your Tiling Project? The best tiles will match your existing flooring, tile, wallpaper, and trim, but you may have better luck finding matching tiles if you try to match tiles with existing furniture.

Can You Select a Tile Size That Fits Your Space? It is easier to select a tile if it is the correct size. If you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen flooring, you may need to add a few extra tiles to get it just right. If you are selecting subway tiles for a kitchen or bathroom floor, you will need to consider the layout of your area.

Can You Install the Tiles on Your Basement Floor? Some subway tiles come with the installation instructions. Before you buy any tile, you should read the instructions to determine if it is easy to install or if you have to hire someone to do it.

Will You Need a Contractor? Some contractors have more experience installing subway tiles. They may be able to install the tile easier, and it will be less expensive than if you try to install it by yourself.

What Material Will the Tile Be Made From? Some subway tiles can be made from porcelain. Others may be made from ceramic or granite. Porcelain is generally the most durable of these materials.

Is the Tile Durable? Will it Break Easily? This is an important consideration when choosing subway tile.

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