Top 2021 Tile Trends You’ll Love

Porcelain Tile -

Top 2021 Tile Trends You’ll Love

Are you planning to revamp your old and worn-out space in 2021? Our trending till will help you find the perfect tile that satisfies the senses of style and the budget. When looking for a more durable and decorative tile, you may wish to consider porcelain mosaic tiles. Because we have a good feeling about our 2021 porcelain tile designs and think you will too.

Learn more about popular porcelain tiles options and select the one that is right for you.

What are porcelain tiles?

Interior fans know that porcelain tiles have been a kitchen and bathroom flooring, walls, and backsplashes staple due to their durability, timeless, versatility, and aesthetically appealing appearance. Once installed either on the wall or floor, they will add a splash of excitement to your space.

Keep reading to know which porcelain mosaic tiles in USA trends made our list

Milan Hexagon Field Tile

Stand out your space with a bold and beautiful Milan Hexagon Field Tile. This hexagon tile easily combines with other geometry or straight tiles to create an eye-appealing custom pattern in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere. These tiles are perfect for private residential and commercials settings. Lay them from the kitchen to the bathroom and add warmth to your space. Porcelain tiles generally come with a small hexes pattern, but to impress our customers, we have come up with the bigger, bold, and black hexagon porcelain mosaic tiles in 2021.

Venice 10” X 10” Porcelain Spanish/ Moroccan Wall & Floor Tile

If elegance and sophistication matter to you the most, then Venice is only made for you. The geometric and nordic pattern on this tile are the major reasons  to purchase it. A relaxation tub, such as this one, requires a more extensive surround, and this tile can provide it effortlessly. As you can see in this picture, the surround treatment uses simple subway tiles and makes a floor focal point; they use highly creative Venice porcelain tiles. If you install this tile in the right way, it will create a very sophisticated and luxurious look. This tile is suitable for bathroom walls and floor, shower floor, and kitchen floor.

Albuquerque Porcelain Field Tile

Polished Albuquerque Porcelain Field Tile is designed in 2021 to add a clean, bright and flawless touch to any space. You will adore your new home more by installing this on the kitchen walls and floors. This picture is the best proof of its capability. In this spacious kitchen remodel, you can see how effortlessly it adds a fresh and modern note. And, of course, marble is a classic choice that will not go out of style. Use our matching trim and porcelain mosaic tiles for floor tiles, walls tiles, kitchen tiles.

 Seattle Porcelain & Ceramic Field Tile Collection

This wonderful tile is the perfect combination of Seattle Porcelain and Ceramic Field tile. You can still add a sense of elegance and beauty in the bathroom by keeping the wall, vanity, and floor simple. You can visual interest on the wall by adding a thick edge of the black porcelain mosaic tiles. This tile is suitable for bathroom floors, backsplashes, kitchen floors and walls.

 Omaha 6” X 36” Tile

Love wooden floors, but running out of budget? Then Omaha porcelain wood-like is the perfect alternative for you. Check out this beautiful living space that features a minimalist design and wonderful wood-like flooring. This tile is a great idea of adding a natural feel of wood in your space within a budget. 


After knowing all the above-mentioned porcelain mosaics for floor tiles, wall tiles and are available at our Tile Life online store, you will be glad. Grab the one that suits your style and budget both.


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