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The Tile Life The Wilds Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile Collection - All Colors

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The Wilds is stoneware look porcelain that recalls beautifully made earthenware from traditional times.  The tile is a beautiful match for herringbone floors, as well as perfect for any backsplash or wall. The numerous patterns that distinguish it, the brightness of the surface and the different structures that characterize the product, make it possible to create different spaces, both in residential and commercial, but with a touch of eternal charm.  

  • Porcelain, Singular Tile, Rectified, Straight Edge, Stoneware Look, Rectangular Wall & Floor Tile  
  • Brand: The Tile Life 
  • Easy to install 4x12, 12x24 tiles
  • Individual Tile 4'' W x 12'' L and 12'' W x 24'' L
  • Size 4x12 is Matte
  • Size 12x24 Lappato is half shiny and half matte
  • Size 12x24 Matte is matte
  • Recommended Grout Joint 1/16 inches    
  • Grade 1, first quality product
  • Resistance Type: UV Resistant; Mildew Resistant; Rust Resistant; Chip Resistant; Fade Resistant;   Scratch Resistant; Stain Resistant; Heat Resistant; Fire Resistant; Frost Resistant    
  • Lowest absorption (impervious) tiles absorb less than 0.5% of their weight and are suitable for all indoor and outdoor uses
  • Water resistant and submersible
  • Size 4x12 19 pieces per case / 6.13 square feet 
  • Size 12x24 7 pieces per case / 13.56 square feet 
  • The Tile Life The Wilds is available in the following colors - Bone, Gravel Gray and Silver
  • PEI 4: 1500+ revolutions Moderate to heavy traffic. All residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.
  • PEI 5: 12000 revolutions Heavy to extra heavy traffic. All residential and heavy commercial and institutional foot traffic, stores, entrance halls, shops & hotel floors.
  • Design is Stoneware Look and the tile does not have a natural variation.
  • Great for Backsplash; Bathroom floor; Bathroom wall; Shower wall; Kitchen floor; Fireplace Surround; Outdoor
  • Withstands Sun & Rain    
  • Suitable for freezing weather
  • Rectified and straight edge style
  • Overall depth or thickness of the product, from the floor to the top of the tile, in inches 0.375"
  • Size 4x12 is 28 lbs per case
  • Size 12x24 is 54 lbs per case
  • Size 4x12 is subway, other sizes are not
  • V3 = Moderate Variation – While the colors present on a single piece of tile will be indicative of the colors to be expected on the other tiles, the number of colors on each piece will vary significantly.
  • DCOF Rating is above 0.42
  • Floor residential use
  • All porcelain and ceramic tiles from all The Tile Life listings may be produced at different times which can cause some variation difference in color (dye lot) and size (caliber) which is authentic to each tile. A tile's shade (dye lot) refers to the coloration and reflectivity of a tile. Since natural materials are used in both the body and glazes of the tile, slight variations in shade are normally inherent from one production run to the next. A tile's caliber refers to its facial dimension (size) and is measured with a tool called a caliper. Since natural materials are used in both the body and glazes of the tile, slight variations in caliber are normally inherent from one production run to the next.

At The Tile Life, we want to empower our customers to create beautiful spaces with unique mosaics and tile. Our glass mosaics, marble mosaics and tiles can be used at Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom Walls, Shower Walls, Fireplace, Swimming Pools, Spas And More. We believe that homeowners should be able to find beautiful glass, porcelain, and marble mosaics from the comfort of their own home. That's why we offer a large selection of tile as well as the resources, inspiration, and advice to make the process from design to reality go as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to keep our customers as comfortable, confident, and excited as possible when buying tile online. 

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