Choose Bathroom Tile Like A Pro: 4 Tips You Need to Know

Choose Bathroom Tile Like A Pro: 4 Tips You Need to Know

Material, scale, color—these are all design choices that, for the not so design savvy, could be a bit overwhelming. Often times, choosing tile doesn’t need to be that way. So sit back, relax, and let’s make the choice easy for you. Here’s our top 4 ways to choose the right tile for you:  


Have A Design Style in Mind

There are so many variations to choose from, but it’s up to how you want to have your area designed. From mosaics, ceramics, porcelains, there’s a wide variety to choose from. If you’re going for a more trendy, modern look, then try mosaic tiles or hexagon shaped tiles. If you’re looking for a more conventional or conservative look, then classic neutral rectangular tiles are more your style. Again, have an idea in mind and make that the foundation of your design vision.  


Trim Your Selection Down 

If you’re having a hard time choosing between multiple options, narrow the options down to your top three based on design and the quality. That way you are picking both a functional and visually appealing decision. Consider getting samples of these three options to see them in the room you are designing. Then, choose the best for your space out of those three. 


Consider Maintenance 

You may not consider the maintenance of a tile when you’re buying it. However, a darker tile may not show stains and spills as easily as a lighter one. You may also consider the finish on tiles. A sleek, flat tile may be easier for you to clean than a textured or matte finish. Consider the amount of people who will be using the bathroom and whether you think there will be many spills or stains. 



Large scale tiles are trending and for good reason. They can add a sense of elegance and luxury to a room. If you want to use large tiles in a bathroom, you can use the same cut tile in smaller sizes in different areas of the bathroom. For example, if you use 12x24 tiles on the floor, you can use the same tile on the bathroom in 2x2s. This will help create a slip-free shower floor or a seamless accent wall.  


Final Take:  

The beauty of shopping for bathroom mosaic tile is that there are many unique designs out there. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, but there are four simple steps that you can take when deciding on a tile. Remember to have a style in mind, use samples of your top three choices, consider maintenance, and think about the scale of the tile. Most of all, have fun!   

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