What Is Grout + Determining Which Type To Use

What Is Grout + Determining Which Type To Use

You’ve chosen the right tile for your new space and you think you’re all set. The design, the color, the aesthetic quality, you have all the right variables in place, tile wise, to make your space visually appealing. Just one more thing that you may have overlooked: grout. What is it? And why is it important? 


What is Grout?  

Grout is a viscous material that can be used to fill the space between two elements and bond them together or create a water tight seal. Grout holds tiles in position and maintains their integrity. On top of that, if water seeps into the slabs, it slows down the penetration of water into the tiles.  


Types of Tile Grout 

Cementitious Grout 

A mixture of cement, water and other additives and pigments, cementitious grout is one of the most common types of grout used for tile installation. Classified under sanded and unsanded, it is recommended to apply sealant to increase its life.  


Epoxy Grout  

Forming an waterproof, impermeable layer beneath the grout, epoxy grout is effective for wet areas such as bathrooms. It offers water resistant properties and is generally used for ceramic, vitrified, porcelain and quarry tiles. They are also resistant to certain types of chemicals and greases, so there’s a high chance you’ll see these in industrial type floorings. The one knock on epoxy grout is that it’s tough to apply and requires a professional to do so.


We recommend that you make sure to consult with your contractor, interior designer, or architect to make sure that you’re applying the right type of tile grout and floor mosaic tiles for your space. 



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