How to Pick the Right Mosaic for Your Kitchen Backsplash

How to Pick the Right Mosaic for Your Kitchen Backsplash

If you’re ready to update your existing kitchen or if you’re starting from scratch, consider using a backsplash mosaic tiles 

Mosaic tiles have been around for ages and can be seen making a statement in entryways, bathrooms, and now, used as backsplash. 

For all those who are new to interior design and may not know what a backsplash is, it’s the panel above your counters and behind your sink or stove that protects the wall from splashes.  

Now, back to designing, when it comes to how much mosaic tile you’re going to need, you will need to know how much surface area you’re looking to cover. You can choose to cover up the space between the counter and the cabinet for or take the tile from the counters to the ceiling.  

Once you’ve decided on where the backsplash will start and stop, you’ll simply need to mark off the area and measure the square footage to determine the amount of tile that you’ll need to buy. If the thought of that scares you, don’t worry. Send us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll be more than happy to help you determine how much tile you’re going to need.  

At this point in the design process, you’re ready to make a strong decision on what type of mosaic design you’re going to be choosing. The good thing about mosaics is that, not only are the designs great, but the material used to make them are great too. You’ll have a great lineup of choices for both style and durability. We have a large selection of glass, porcelain, and marble mosaics that are suitable for any backsplash design. They are also mesh-backed for easy installation! 

A backsplash is a great way to make a statement. Take the right steps to make sure that you’re making the best decision possible. Know the space that you’re working on, mark off the area, and choose a design from all the best possible choices that we have.  

If you want to know more about the installation process, consider reading our blog post on grout. 

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