Light Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Light Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Let's talk blue! 

Blue has been one of the hottest colors lately so why not include beautiful hues of baby blue to your bathroom remodel. 

Blue Vanity 

Let's start with a gorgeous light blue vanity with gold fixtures and go from there. One of the most important things to consider when online shopping for a beautiful vanity is the size of the vanity. Make sure that you measure your current vanity and shop by that size: 24 inch, 30 inch and so on and so forth so you narrow your results and won't fall in love with a vanity of the wrong size! I would highly suggest going to Wayfair for your vanity needs as they have a large selection of gorgeous vanities to choose from and are usually priced fairly. 


Blue Paint 

There are so many hues of blue to choose from which allows you to pick the blue that feels right for you! Personally, I think the hues similar to Tiffany Blue are my favorite for a bathroom mosaic tiles because it can easily compliment accents of white and grey which are my absolute favorite accent colors to use for a bathroom. An easy option if you are looking to find paint samples is to go to your nearest Home Depot and take a look at their wide variety of paint samples 

Light Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Add White and Grey Accent Pieces 

It's accessory time!! Go ahead and purchase that beautiful hand woven shower curtain, that fluffy white bathmat and that marbleized toothbrush holder that you had your eye on in Target! Pick out a white or grey trash bin and try to coordinate all of your accessory pieces so that there is an even ratio of white to grey accents. Most importantly, have fun this is one of the most exciting parts of a remodel!! 

Light Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Add a White Beveled or Textured Mosaic 

We have you covered for this part of your bathroom transformation with our extensive line of grey and white mosaics both glass and marble! if you want a marble look my favorite is our Santorini 2x4 Beveled Marble in White but don't feel discouraged if that isn't your style! We have plain white mosaics such as our Honeycomb 2x2 or our 1x1 in White. Check out our glass options as well if you are looking for a more modern look! 

Find Classic White Light Fixture     

Last but not least, It's important to find a light fixture that completes the look without stealing too much attention to itself. I found a picture of one of my favorite light fixture looks to help inspire you! The light fixture market is quite vast and there are so many different styles to choose from! Whimsical, to glam to traditional - no matter what you are looking for, there is always something for everyone!! 

Light Blue Bathroom Inspiration


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